Forster Summer School 2023 explores – urban climate

Adaption, development and sustainable transformation

Let's talk about global change.

27 students from 15 nations (Brazil, China, Taiwan, Syria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Finland, Austria, Germany) participated in the fourth Forster Summer School, which took place from 21.07.2023 - 04.08.2023 at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

This year's Forster Summer School was dedicated to the research topic "Urban Climate" with the title "Forster Summer School explores - urban climate. Adaptation, development and dustainable transformation. The interdisciplinary and international group discussed possible approaches for long-term and sustainable improvement of the urban climate and identified opportunities for action - on a regional, global and international level.

Global climate change and its associated impacts, such as weather extremes, represent one of the most urgent challenges of the 21st century. Due to the relatively high population density in urban areas, cities are the main cause and the main victims of climate change. Assuming that around two thirds of the world's population will live in cities in 2050, sustainable strategies must be (further) developed to make the lives of present and future generations - not only in the so-called megacities of this earth - climate-friendly and socially just.


The program offered a wide range and consisted of scientific lectures and discussions, practical exercises, such as a workshop on tree damage in the Green School/Botanical Garden of the JGU, a mapping project on the University campus, an expert exchange on climate protection projects in Worms, German workshops, a sustainable city tour of Mainz and a photo project on climate protection and climate adaptation projects from the respective cities of origin/study of the participants. The excursion and accompanying program led to intensive networking among the group and to explore regional highlights together.

The evaluations and feedback testify to the very high positive response to the summer school:

“I learnt a lot about cultural differences and the effort behind every country to fight climate change, it inspired me a lot!“

“Talking to people from different countries, learning the urban climate change in Mainz and all of the courses and experiences is benefit to me.”

“I made new friends, found new confidence, and am now inspired to continue my German language skills and perhaps complete a masters abroad!”

The Faculty 09 expressly thanks the Dres. Göbel Climate Foundation for the financial support to implement the event in this extent.









Photos: © Kolb © Merbitz © Sämmer © Schellack

Forster Summer School: Konzepte für besseres Klima in den Städten - SWR Aktuell